Alliott Group

Scott Shapiro, Partner at Weber, Shapiro & Company, LLP (WS & Co.) was in Sydney, Australia, from October 18-21 to attend the 2017 Worldwide Conference of Alliott Group, one of the world’s top international associations of independent professional services firms. WS & Co. is the Alliott Group’s representative member firm in New Jersey. During the conference, Scott gave a presentation on Expatriate taxation and the IRS’ Streamline Amnesty program.

WS & Co. joined 74 professional accounting and legal advisors from 52 Alliott Group member firms in 26 countries to learn how to improve their firms and how to help clients to do the same, particularly when business extends across geographic borders. The worldwide conference is the association’s flagship annual event and enables member firms to develop the strong personal relationships that will ensure clients receive first class service from talented, senior professionals.

Scott Shapiro returned to the firm with a greater appreciation of the tax, compliance, and legal complexities of doing business in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the opportunities presented by Australia’s open economy. He also attended specialist meetings focused on legal, international tax, corporate finance and M&A, and global mobility where views were exchanged on the likely impact on foreign businesses and internationally mobile individuals of major international developments.