We work with small and medium-sized companies to help them meet their full potential. Our consulting clients include Law Firms, Manufacturers, Healthcare Providers, Newspaper Publishers, and Insurance Companies. We will work with clients to develop a comprehensive and scalable business plan and help them implement that plan from inception through completion. Our services include:

business advisory services

  • Business strategy
  • Developing strategies for profit maximization
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Help identify expansion opportunities and obtaining financing
  • Managing financial and ERP implementation projects
  • Evaluating retirement and benefit programs
  • Analyzing the benefits of marketing promotions

The sooner you act, the greater your opportunity to create value. At Weber, Shapiro and Company LLP we thoroughly assess our client’s business requirements in order to consider a broad spectrum of alternatives to manage challenges and enhance performance. Our services are scalable to your business as it is today and how you plan to grow.


From business case analysis through integration and beyond, Weber, Shapiro and Company’s business advisory service has the real-world experience to support you through all phases of the merger and acquisition process. We can help you:

M&A transitional services

  • Determine the validity of a merger or acquisition
  • Assess the business case
  • Realistically determine ROI
  • Perform comprehensive due diligence

Offering full support even after merger or acquisition, we can guide you through every step of integration from pre-planning and gap analysis through implementation and ongoing process improvement.

Strategic Planning

We partner with your management team to develop the business case, needs assessment, and ROI for contemplated strategic and tactical initiatives.

Due Diligence

Due diligence provides you with a certain standard of care, prudence, and responsibility when purchasing a company or entering into new legal/financial agreements.  It protects you  from undo risk by  taking reasonable steps to ensure that the target satisfies any necessary legal requirements.

CFO and Controller Onboarding

For a Company making the investment in an internal resource for the first time, building a strong foundation is vital to success. Our CFO and Controller Onboarding services ensure that the experience and knowledge of an entire accounting firm are one of the building blocks in that foundation. We work one on one with your new internal resource to fill in the gaps. From accounting and software training to creating and redesigning management reporting and internal control processes.


Our team of experts can help you maximize value by quickly identifying and executing new opportunities to:

profitability improvement

  • Contain costs
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Uncover and mitigate risks
  • Strengthen internal controls and compliances
  • Make better use of information technology


For more information about these services contact:

Scott D. Shapiro